Snapchat Planet Order: A Complete Guide about Snapchat Solar System

Snapchat Planet Order

Every platform offers a premium subscription for an additional fee. YouTube Premium, WhatsApp Business, and Telegram have transitioned to a paid subscription model. Snapchat has followed these platforms’ footsteps by releasing its Snapchat+ version for an additional fee?

Paid Snapchat+ users have access to features exclusive to this pack. One example is Snapchat Planets. Ranks your friend list according to how frequently you send them messages and compares them to planets. We’ve got your questions covered.

This article will discuss Snapchat planets, including their definition, significance, and order.

What Is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat+ is a premium membership that provides users with several additional features. Users must pay a monthly subscription fee to access Snapchat Plus and its other features. Snapchat Plus is progressively being released for Android and iPhone in the US for $3.99 a month, $21.99 for six months, and $39.99 every year. In addition, there is a 7-day free trial before paying for the subscription.

Among the most exciting features of Snapchat+ is the ability to customize the app’s icon, see who has rewatched your story, and designate specific friends as BFFs. However, it should be noted that the monthly subscription does not remove advertisements, so you must endure them. The senior vice president of Snapchat, Jacob Andreou, told The Verge, “Ads will remain the cornerstone of our long-term revenue strategy.”

What Are Snapchat Planets?

You must be aware of the appearance of a simple solar system. The planet nearest to the sun is the closest. In light of this similarity, Snapchat has presented another element named Snapchat Solar System. If you use Snapchat Plus, you will represent the sun, and the planet closest to you will mean the individual with whom you share the most streaks. This person will also appear as your “first closest friend” on the platform.

Your streak will determine the second, third, and fourth planets. Until the eighth, this will continue. Remember that the eighth. The worlds in Snapchat’s sequence are playful and should not be taken literally. This feature is reserved for Snapchat Plus subscribers.

What’s The Order of Snapchat Planet?

According to your number of streaks, the planets or users are ranked as follows.

Mercury – Mercury being the planet closest to the sun, this bitmoji appears in front of the individual with whom you have shared the most streaks. Additionally, he is your closest best friend. A “Pink planet with red heart” is its marker.

Venus – Venus is the next planet in the Snapchat solar system. Venus is the second individual with whom you are near on Snapchat, and the friend whose username is shown would be your second dearest friend. It is symbolized by a “beige planet with yellow, pink, and blue hearts around it.”

Earth – Earth is the third planet, and the friend is their third closest Snapchat friend. It is pictured by a “green and blue planet with red hearts and the moon.”

Mars – Mars is the following planet, representing your fourth closest companion. Its symbol comes with “red planet with blue and purple hearts.”

Jupiter– Jupiter is the fifth planet, so it naturally displays your fifth closest Snapchat friend. It is symbolized by an “orange planet without hearts.”

Saturn – Saturn is the sixth-closest friend on Snapchat, symbolized by a “yellow planet with a ring.”

Uranus – Uranus is the seventh planet in the solar system, and the bitmoji next to it represents the seventh closest companion. This planet is symbolized as a “green planet with no hearts.”

Neptune – Neptune is the eighth planet in the solar system, revealing your eight closest Snapchat friends. This planet is symbolized by the phrase “Blue planet with no hearts.”

The Reaction of Users to Snapchat Plus:

Snapchat has launched its paid subscription service. Users from all over the world are eager to test out Snapchat’s new features. Some argue that the subscription should remove advertisements.


That concludes our discussion of the Snapchat Solar system. It is a humorous way to imitate your friend list regarding existing solar systems, with mercury (closest to the sun) being the most intimate friend. The list concludes with Neptune, your eighth best friend, because it occupies the eighth position in the solar system.

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