How Can Managed IT Boost Your Network Security?

Boost Your Network Security

Managed IT services are now the most effective way to manage your company’s IT needs. Instead of having a large in-house IT department, a third-party business supports yours by providing the IT services that you need. These services include 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring, support desk assistance, IT planning, and more. Best of all, flat-rate pricing means you’ll save money compared to hiring expensive IT personnel. Perhaps even more importantly, you’ll save time so you can focus on improving business performance.

How Can Managed IT Services Save Your Company Time?

Reducing the Burden on Your IT Staff

You will feel an immediate impact when you hire managed services for IT. Since you can offload many of your day-to-day tasks to your managed services provider, your current IT staff will breathe a sigh of relief as their day won’t be bogged down by support tickets and minor issues that interrupt their day. Instead, they can focus on bigger projects that add value to the company. You may even find that you can downsize the department to a degree.

Managed services compliment your existing team by handling support requests remotely. While there are some tasks that require a person to be physically present, the majority of issues can be resolved with remote desktop technology. Managed services will also address some of your problems at the roots, meaning less work for your IT team in general.

Speeding Up Technical Support

Most companies could manage their internal technical support more efficiently. While customers often have access to a support desk where they can conveniently log issues and report them to the company, employees often go through a more disorganized process. Perhaps you email the “tech guy” at the company or have to walk over to their office to ask for support. That request may get lost in the shuffle as they deal with other tasks. There are better ways.

Managed service providers give your staff the same high quality customer support that your clients get. They can notify the managed IT provider about issues, get immediate service from a real human being, and have their issues addressed in a timely manner. In addition, you won’t have to worry about technical support when your IT personnel are on vacation or if you don’t have someone to cover a specific shift. Managed services are always available.

Avoiding Lost Time From Cyber Attacks

A cyber attack could cripple your company for months or even years! IBM’s annual data breach analysis noted that it took the average company around 9 months to stop a data breach. During that time, critical systems could be down, and you may find it difficult to support your clients as you usually do. Managed services constantly monitor your systems to prevent cyber attacks and can help you respond faster in the event of one.

Managed service providers also look to shore up your defenses and implement better practices to avoid cyber attacks in the first place. For example, Microsoft 365 users may be vulnerable to malware that hijacks a web browser’s session to log into your accounts remotely and steal data. But did you know that Microsoft actually has a tool to protect you called Application Guard? Virtualization keeps each session safe from harmful files; find out more here.

Simplifying IT Hiring and Spending

There simply aren’t enough IT workers to build a full department at every business in the United States. Trying to secure top talent in IT is a struggle, even for big tech companies. IT can often become a bottleneck for companies trying to scale up. You need that additional IT support to manage new locations and expand your presence but without those IT employees, you’re stuck. Managed services help you scale by giving your company more service as it scales.

Not only will you save time in HR, but finances become much easier as well. Managed services will give you a monthly fixed price based on the kinds of services you need. You won’t have to worry about how to cover an expensive IT salary; instead, you’ll have a predictable monthly expense that actually saves the business money.

Accelerating IT Project Deployment

Since small and medium businesses can’t afford an IT expert in every possible field, they tend to struggle to launch new IT projects smoothly. Existing IT staff may lack the knowledge needed, forcing them to spend time on learning new tools or skills. There may not be enough hands to meet project deadlines. Managed services can provide assistance with these tasks to help you get your projects off the ground sooner.

You can schedule a consultation ​with your managed services provider and get advice to plan your project properly. With experienced professionals in a variety of IT domains, there’s always someone who knows how to help you. Overall, managed IT ​cuts costs and makes your business more efficient. Find a managed services provider near you to schedule a discovery meeting and ​get your IT needs fulfilled.

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  1. Network security can be drastically improved by using managed IT services, which offer professional management, proactive monitoring, and quick reaction to possible threats. It’s a wise investment that enables companies to successfully protect their digital infrastructure.

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