Effective Ways To Get More Out Of Piso Wifi Pause Time

Piso WiFi Pause Time

It could be challenging to strike the ideal mix between remaining connected and being online when you are outside. Have you ever had a temporary access restriction to your Piso WiFi network be necessary? Sometime you need to cut yourself off from the outer world, in order to reconnect with who you are. To stop you from connecting to the internet while you are away from home, Piso WiFi pause time may be set to pause after every hour, half-hour, or 15 minutes.

For individuals who cannot afford the price of online bundles or who want to obtain a good bargain on web access, the Piso wifi service is offered. The Piso Wireless Portal is used as the switch’s default route. This is intended to make connecting to the online association simple for anybody without technological ability.

Piso WiFi Pause Time: What Is It?

Piso Wifi is one of the top ISP (internet service providers) in Philippines by which you may temporarily stop your internet connection. It was made specifically to meet the needs of people who want to leave their network for a short period of time but still require access to it when you come back. You could think about suspending your WiFi network every morning for 30 minutes while you get ready for the day because the preset time intervals for the Piso Wifi Pause Time are 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 hours. It also provides internet access as a rental service using candy vending machines. For individuals who cannot afford the price of internet connection or who want to obtain a good bargain on web access, the Piso wifi service is offered.

How can the time in PISO WiFi be stopped?

Navigate in your browser application to see the piso wifi pause time. The internet gateway for the device will subsequently be displayed to you. Now click on “Pause time” to cease your WiFi connection. You will not be able to access your internet until you resume the internet connection, which will be put on hold by you.

Click on “Resume time” to restart your internet connection. You can use the internet normally once your internet connectivity has been restored.

Conventional Gateway Address

For Piso WiFi, the default gateway address is Once you are familiar with this number, you can manage the connection and install the application by using the app. Even though most individuals do not utilize internet services 24*7, they nonetheless must pay for them. Additionally, the site offers a pause time tool to assist users in saving money. You may use endless bandwidth amount to browse the internet once you are connected. There are variety of features and installation options available for Piso WiFi Pause Time app. Although there are various options, but still the basic concept is the same, you may switch it off when not in use and access the internet whenever you want.

Before installing Piso WiFi, you must have a perfect internet connection. After finishing these steps, you may use a web browser to log in to the Piso WiFi website. After logging in, you may check the other important information and connectivity status of internet. Once you have logged in, you may utilize the program’s other features, such as the chat and more.

What are’s default username and password?

By default, the login information is admin. For, the admin user name and password are predefined. There is an option of setting for both username and password. The position administrator of a system is automatically accessible to all users.

After logging in to manage the system, users need administrator access. If you have the Administrator status, then the system may be accessed with the maximum latitude. It provides the user complete access to every item in the class.

How can you tell whether time has passed?

If you are unsure to find out if you have paused time on Piso WiFi, then check your connection on the web portal. You can also change the IP address of gateway and password. After putting your service-generated password, follow the steps. Restart your Piso WiFi device that is connected after signing in with new login details.

Log into your account to check if you have stopped using PisoWiFi. You don’t have need to purchase a subscription only to access the internet because Piso WiFi is handy and come with reasonable price. The Piso WiFi interface offers first-rate client service.

Piso Wifi Pause Time Features:

The primary benefits of using Piso wifi pause time are as follows:

  • It saves the money of users.
  • It enables users to pause their internet connection for a certain time period.
  • When people wish to avoid the internet, it is quite helpful for them.
  • When there are many of wifi connections, the internet speed decreases. The stop time option is really helpful in the situation. It may be used by users to increase speed by keeping others from using it.
  • This function greatly aids in bandwidth conservation during server outages.
  • Increasing client happiness and income for enterprises.

How to Disable the Piso WiFi Pause Feature

Follow these simple instructions if you ever want to disable the Piso WiFi:

  1. Try to login by putting your login information into the Piso WiFi Admin Panel.
  2. Click on the “Pause Access” option after scrolling down.
  3. After clicking it, a password prompt will appear; enter your password and click “Apply.”
  4. The pause function will be turned off once you have finished the above procedures, making the network available once again.


The Pause Function of the Piso WiFi system is a practical function for managing and controlling network access. You may immediately pause and resume your WiFi connection to conserve data and take a break from being online.  It is quite simple to configure, and by according to the instructions provided in this article, you may quickly manage network access. Use caution while utilizing the Piso WiFi pause feature because it might have downsides, especially if clients are connected to your network.

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