MBBS in Uzbekistan: Why Studying at Andijan State Medical Institute is the Best?

MBBS in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has produced many doctors in recent years. Medical education in Uzbekistan has attracted international aspirants to pursue their dream. Uzbekistan provides a whole sum of MBBS institute that offers this programme at a very affordable cost and well as providing modern labs and skilled professors.

Andijan State Medical Institute is one of the institutes which offers good quality education in the field of MBBS since 1955. If you are looking to opt for MBBS at Andijan State Medical Institute, here is detailed information about the institute for you.

Make sure not to skip any point and read slowly and carefully, this would give you an idea “Why studying at Andijan State Medical Institute is the best option”

Quick View about Andijan State Medical Institute

Here is a quick view for you, which would give you a glance at Andijan State Medical Institute:

Particulars Details
Established 1955
Location Andijan, Uzbekistan
Recognized By MCI & WHO
Type Public Institute
MBBS Course Duration 6 Years
Medium Of Study English & Uzbek
No. of International students 3110 (Approx. count)
Cost of Living 180 USD Per Month
Admission Starts 1st week of July
Admission Ends October
No. of Departments 56

Various recognition received by Andijan State Medical Institute

Recognition plays a vital role in selecting an MBBS college as it ensures the institution meets the required standards of education, providing quality training and enhancing career prospects.

Therefore, here is the list of organization that has recognized Andijan State Medical Institute:

  • Indian State Medical Institute Recognition and Application
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, Uzbekistan

As we can see, Andijan State Medical Institute is recognized by reputed organizations across the world, it seems to be a good option.

Ranking of Andijan State Medical Institute

The ranking is crucial in selecting an MBBS college as it reflects its reputation, academic excellence, faculty expertise, infrastructure, and overall quality, aiding students in making informed decisions about their educational journey.

Criteria Rankings
World Ranking 11469
Country Ranking 57

Eligibility Criteria to get admitted to Andijan State Medical Institute in 2023

As an MBBS student, you should be aware of the following qualifying criteria for admission to Andijan State Medical Institute in Uzbekistan:

  • Candidates must have finished class XII with a minimum of 50% in all subjects (particularly biology).
  • The institute may impose age restrictions for entrance, ranging from 17 to 25 years.
  • A student must be fluent in English.
  • Information on reservation procedures or quotas for certain applicants may be included in the qualifying requirements.

If you want to apply to Andijan State Medical Institute then read the qualifying criteria carefully.

Admission Process of Andijan State Medical Institute for 2023

Every year, the admission process at Andijan State Medical Institute is more likely to be the same. Here is the admission process for Andijan State Medical Institute in 2023 that you may find useful:

  • Get the admission application form from the Andijan State Medical Institute’s official website.
  • Fill in the relevant personal and educational information as precisely as possible.
  • Submit the completed application form and upload the supporting document before the deadline.
  • Make the payment and finish the registration procedure after completing the admissions process.
  • International students may be required to get a student visa and meet the extra conditions imposed by their home country or the Uzbek immigration authorities.

A glimpse of the tuition fees of Andijan State Medical Institute

Tuition fees are an important criterion in selecting an MBBS college as they could directly impact a student like you and therefore, it’s necessary to see the details of the fee structure of Andijan State Medical Institute.

Here is the fee information of Andijan State Medical Institute, but is it also suggested that before applying to this institute once consult the management about the fee details.

Particulars Amount (For every year)
Tuition Fees & Management Charges 3600 USD
Hostel Fees 500 USD
Total Charges in USD 4100 USD
Total Charge in INR INR 3,37,849.43

The above information about the fees at Andijan State Medical Institute is provided for only one year. The fee structure is the same for every year.

Cost of Living for MBBS Aspirants in Uzbekistan

The cost of living may differ from person to person, but just to give you a glimpse of it we have collected the basic things and providing you with the amount of it:

Particulars Amount (in USD)
Meal 4.47
Water (0.33 liter bottle) 0.25
Milk (regular), (1 litre) 0.92
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) 0.33
Rice (white), (1kg) 1.22
Eggs (regular) (12) 1.53
Local Cheese (1kg) 5.64
Transportation 0.12

The adjacency of Uzbekistan from India

Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia. In terms of proximity to India, Uzbekistan is relatively close, with a distance of approximately 2,300 kilometers (1,430 miles) between the two countries.

This makes it more favorable for students since, it’s near, they can travel to and fro in a short time.

International Relations of Andijan State Medical Institute

Andijan State Medical Institute collaborates with numerous universities internationally, which would help students to have good exposure to the Medical sector all across the world.

For you, we have listed a few International organizations in collaboration with Andijan State Medical Institute:

  • Dongsan Medical Center at Keimyung University, Korea
  • Medical Center at Yongnam University
  • Samyuk Medical Center- Korea
  • Moscow State Medical Dentistry Univ (Russia)
  • Petersburg State Medical University named after L.Pavlov (Russia)
  • University of Pisa, Italy
  • Sharda University
  • Rostock University, Germany
  • Hachette University, Turkey

Important Dates

Deadlines and dates are essential for MBBS colleges because they ensure a streamlined admission process, allowing for fair evaluations, prompt choices, and effective resource and student intake management.

Particulars Dates
Commencement of 2023-24 intake cycle September 2023
Commencement of Application September 2023
Admission Letter Within the next 3 – 4 weeks

Various faculties offered by Andijan State Medical Institute

Here is the list of various faculties provided by Andijan State Medical Institute for their aspiring students:

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Pedagogy
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of the Postgraduate program
  • Faculty of Neuroscience
  • Faculty of Gynecology
  • Faculty of Surgery


Andijan State Medical Institute in Uzbekistan offers an attractive option for aspiring medical students. With its recognition, ranking, affordable tuition fees, and collaboration with international institutions, it provides a conducive environment for quality education and fulfilling career prospects in the field of MBBS which creates the best option to study MBBS at Andijan State Medical Institute.

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